Patented MK Rebar Bender comes with Handle and
Stainless Steel Ruler. Can be mounted to any standard
trailer hitch, any stationary flat service, and/or flat bed
truck or workbench.
Patented MK Utility Tripod works with the MK Rebar
Bender in addition to many other utility applications.
Portability meets functionality at the job site with
this all-purpose Utility Tripod.
Trailer-Hitch mount allows the user to bend rebar on any work truck with a standard hitch.
Extended Ruler allows you to measure bends from
10 1/2” to 24”. Meet the needs for any DIY or
construction project with additional inches.
Stainless Steel Ruler is included with purchase of
MK Rebar Bender and is also sold separately. NEW
patented design produces accurate & precise bends.
Bend 3/8”, 1/2”, & 5/8” bars to 90- & 45-degree angles.
Roll Pin replacement.
Bend Pin replacement. Specially designed pins assist
the bending of rebar to the desired angle.
2 Bend Pins per package.
Handle replacement.
Adjustment Knobs replacement. These knobs can be
used on the MK Rebar Bender and MK Utility Tripod.
3 Adjustment Knobs per package.
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