MK Rebar Benders patented technology is designed to bend & shape rebar quickly & easily. This portable tool features a series of vertical pins that bend the rebar into a variety of shapes, including stirrups, S-hooks, circle, Z & L bars, and dip-down.  
  The MK Rebar Bender is portable, lightweight, and durable. Offering an unbeatable combination of size, cost, and mobility, this highly demanded patented product is a first in the construction industry.  
Move the MK Rebar Bender from your garage to your truck in just minutes!
Move the MK Rebar Bender from your truck to the job site in just minutes!
Fast and easy assembly allows you to get the job started & finished in record time!
The MK Rebar Bender is proudly made and assembled in the USA.
Complete manual operation -- No power source required.
Weighing only 20 lbs., the MK Rebar Bender is the lightweight champion of rebar benders.
The MK Rebar Bender measures 24”L x 6”W x 3”H. Load & unload with no hassle.
Starting as little as $400, you‘ll be on your way to finishing the job quicker while saving money in the long run.
Versatility in rebars. The MK Rebar Bender can bend up to #5 in excess of 180 degrees.
The MK Rebar Bender had a built in Radius Guide conveniently produce accurate & precise bends every time.Bend 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 bars to accurate 90 & 45-degree angles.
Built in ruler included with the MK Rebar Bender will measure up to 10 1/2”.
Add the Extended ruler (sold separately) to the MK Rebar Bender and measure up to 24”!
Composed of stainless steel and steel.
From Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to full-scale construction projects, you’ll soon find out that having a MK Rebar Bender is a necessity. A must have for the following projects and much more:
Swimming Pool & Spa Construction
Artificial Rock Formations
Caisson Grade Beams
Concrete Foundations & Footings
  **PLUS** with the new patent pending MK Utility Tripod, take the MK Rebar Bender anywhere...
Not only can the MK Rebar Bender be mounted to any standard trailer hitch, any stationary flat service, and/or flat bed truck, but also now you can take it to the heart of the job site. Place the MK Rebar Bender on the MK Utility Tripod in a convenience workspace accessible to all workers. Get the job done.... FASTER!!

  Keep the work at the jobsite! No need to haul material offsite!  
  Tried and true, the MK Rebar Bender is the only bender that meets the need for portability and affordability all in one product.  
Watch how a single perosn can
easlly bend the following:
FOUR 3/8’’
ONE 1/2’’
Save money & keep your materiel onsite.
  Coming Soon....  
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